Thanks to the experience gained in the field of automation systems, Mas Automazioni is able to supply lines and machines for industrial assembly, modulating the degree of automation with respect to the specific requests of the customer; all the proposed solutions meet the requirements set by the main current regulations regarding safety and environmental impact, at national and international level. The use of automation systems guarantees greater precision, repeatability, speed and power, hardly equalled by human beings. The main aim of industrial automation is to minimize the human contribution to work, with the aim of reducing time and costs, maximizing productivity.

Problem solving

Mas Automazioni operating in different industrial fields, together with a high-level engineering culture, allow us to face any problem with the support of experience and the freedom to push towards innovation. The ability of a correct a priori evaluation of costs and time of realization constitutes a further reason of satisfaction, made possible thanks to our deep knowledge of the various industrial problems. Mas Automazioni can face every aspect of the project, for a complete turnkey service. Our degree of experience allows us to integrate innovative solutions even to existing realities.


Software and reliable programming

Our solutions can be integrated into any pre-existing system, thanks to our profound knowledge of the various programming languages, and mechatronic solutions in the field of industrial automation.

Cost reduction

High quality and cost containment is the challenge that involves every new Mas Automazioni project. Quick and easy maintenance is guaranteed by the high accessibility and ergonomics of the lines.

Modernized production

Mas Automazioni offers recovery and modification of existing plants with maximum results, integrating innovations that optimize and add value to the upgraded plants.

Application fields

We provide innovative solutions for every aspect of industrial automation for the production of home appliances and for the automotive sector. Mas Automazioni is able to realize both highly customized solutions for specific processes and turnkey automation of the entire production chain.

Automations for the production of appliances

Automations for the automotive sector

Ad-hoc solutions and special projects

Automations for the production of appliances

The know-how acquired over the years has led us to create complete systems for the production of a very wide range of structural components in the cold sectors (external doors, furniture, wrapped cells, evaporator, condenser), washing (baskets, furniture, sleepers, doors) and cooking (muffles, cabinet, exterior doors). Mas Automazioni carries out feasibility studies, system simulation, system engineering, design verification, implementation, plant start-up and post-testing assistance. Years of experience in every aspect of industrial automation, allows us to develop the most reliable solutions.

Ad-hoc solutions and special projects

The development and implementation of special projects are our passion, where industrial automation finds its natural place with Mas Automazioni. The methodological analysis, the design development, the simulation verification, the search for high reliability standard components, the development of the control and diagnostic software is our daily stimulus to face the new challenges with enthusiasm and determination. Our skills and competences are like those of an tailor with great experience, who listen to the specific needs of the customer and turn them into an ad hoc execution in order to satisfy their customers as much as possible.

Research and development

Mas Automazioni is committed to guaranteeing the highest quality level and the most innovative products. Thanks to the intelligence, passion and professional skills of our team, we are able to constantly exceed the quality achieved by our systems and increase production and safety levels. The research and development of modern technologies in the field of industrial automation is a key element to be able to meet the needs of the customer in all circumstances.


From the design stage to delivery, we offer an efficient and fast service. The customer is offered complete assistance support with the designer and the technician responsible for the installation of the entire system, in order to reduce downtime to a minimum. Industrial maintenance is an essential operation to maintain the efficiency of machinery and plants, ensuring their productivity. Using a highly qualified technical team, Mas Automazioni is able to deal with complex problems and offer technologically advanced solutions.

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