Application fields

We stamp sheet metal parts, they can be welded, clinched or realized with inserts such as nuts, screws, directly in the die without welding and used for several purposes.

For the automotive industry

Loading support; Lock support; Roof frame; Crosspiece; Light circuit; Light plate; Stop fixing plate.

For food sector

Corrugated base; domes; ferrule.

For hydraulic sector

Coil various measures; modelled spring; lamp terminal; radius protection.

For technical sport sector

Several particulars for boots: Mutter; basis; Klammer; door; over sheet; seitenblech; front; angular; holder; clamp.

For the furniture sector

Stirrup for furniture fixing; connection frames; door panels; angular.

For the household sector

Washing machine basket; oven panels; front panel; washing machine.


In our press shop we assure the quality of workmanship, our operators are able to exploit the full potential of machinery. A high quality service that guarantees reliability, security and absolute precision in the pieces, tried and tested by our control system of measurement Zeiss Contura. The technological equipment allows operability in all fields, especially in the stamping for third parties. The full range of presses, the welders allow you to perform all kinds of work in the most rational, reliable and fast way.


Every time the parts must be produced, the elements can be joined in several ways and one of them is the welding. The metal welding method is made by a welding torch which going toward directly to the right point. The metal welding is a difficult and delicate manufacturing. Mas Tecnologie has the most current and appropriate machine tools but also a skilled and specialized staff in order to realize the best welding.

Quality control

The metrological control office, the latest technology and sophisticated software for the control and production offer to customers the best guarantees on the quality of the finished product.

Our machinery

Machinery Max folder size
Press Spiertz 50 ton 800 x 500 60 strokes/min.
Press Ross mod. 80 ton R6 + feeder 200 900 x 600 40 strokes/min.
Press Ross mod. 130 ton R6 + feeder 300 1200 x 800 from 35 to 92 strokes/min.
Press Ross mod. 160 ton R6 + feeder 300 1100 x 750 from 30 to 80 strokes/min.
Press Ross mod. 250 ton + feeder 600 1400 x 1000 from 19 to 58 strokes/min.
Press Ross mod. 500 ton with softblanking  2800 x 1500 from 12 to 45 strokes/min.
Coil feeder till a 800 mm-coil   max thickness 5 mm
Press Müller hydraulic mod. 400 ton ZE 2000 x 1400  
Mechanic Press Servo 800 ton useful H 1050Max.   4000 x 2000  
Mechanic Press Servo 630 ton useful H 1050Max.   4000 x 2000  
feeder to 1500 and electronic transfer 3 axis max thickness 4 mm
feeder to 1000 and electronic transfer 3 axis max thickness 5 mm
Colgar scissor 3000 x 4  
Bending press CBC    
N° 1 overhead travelling crane Ton. 30  
N° 2 overhead travelling cranes Ton. 6,3  
N° 1 overhead travelling crane Ton. 10  
N° 1 travelling crane Ton. 5  
N° 1 fork lift Ton. 2,5  
N° 1 fork lift Ton. 8  
N° 1 fork lift Ton. 3  

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